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Operations and Business Development Internship


Interested in Operations and Business development?! Would you like to go to beautiful Spain? We have an amazing internship position available.

Located in Barcelona Spain, this 4 to 6-month internship offers the opportunity to get hands-on experience in digital marketing, traditional marketing, and online strategies. This internship enhances Interns’ knowledge of business development, provides support, teaching and constructive feedback bi-weekly. The goal of the internship is to become proficient in SEO and social media growth marketing. Furthermore, you will learn about blogging and new technology tools such as CMS Systems, CRM, Channel Management Systems Wordpress.

The main tasks of this internship are divided into two phases:

1. Operations (3-4 months)

  • Apartment product development

   i. Selling service to landlords/owners
   ii. Onboarding apartment inventory

  • Customer support

    i. Providing support for customers/landlords
    ii. Engage with customers and landlords

  • Account Management

    i. Work directly with property owners to manage data and develop relationship
    ii. Managing operational activity with abroad providers.

  • Booking Apartments

    i. Work with apartment owners/customers to guide in the booking process


2. Business Development (1-2 months)

  • Expansion through programs and universities

     i. Contact universities & programs
     ii. Campus ambassador program

  • Strategic partners

    i. Affiliate companies and partners overseas that could add value for our customers

    ii. Sponsorship opportunities


You will be working 5 days a week on a minimum of 40 hours a week. The internship is paid 400€ a month.

Requirements for the internship:

  • Sufficient knowledge of Microsoft Office, Excel, and Wordpress
  • Ability to network and communicate efficiently with social media
  • A basic knowledge of the business structure with expansion initiatives
  • A comprehension of digital marketing as it relates to search engines, social media, PPC, SEO, and email. 
  • Business development objectives through sourcing potential strategic partners and affiliate companies

What we expect from you:

  • Attention to detail. All information put out in the public must be correct with no spelling or grammatical errors
  •  Establish relationships with businesses and student organizations
  • Maintain good communication with the directors on a consistent basis.
  • Attend all meetings.
  • Develop creative and innovating ideas to help boost sales of apartments and enhance marketing objectives.
  • Managing data and information with foreign partners by using excel and other internal systems
  • Stay involved in the international real estate market and being aware of new trends and reviews   
  • Prepare documents, presentations, emails and other forms of communication
  • Ensue confidentiality about new markets, building locations, contracts and processes learned
  • Give a timely notice of tardiness or inability to work.

Interested? Apply now with us now! And start your adventure in sunny Barcelona !