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Why Europe is a good place to intern

20 mei 2016

Not sure whether or not to move to Europe?  Here are some good reasons why Europe is a perfect destination. The first reason why Europe is a great place to travel to or move to, is that it is such a small continent. Unlike most places, you can be in a different country within a few hours! Living in Europe means that a variety of different countries are at your doorstep. You have so many travel opportunities and since it doesn’t take that long to travel, you don’t need several weeks to go see different countries – you can fly to a new country and back in one week. 


Another reason is that travelling around Europe is very easy. Most countries have connecting trains, easy networks and even organized Europeean tour trains such as Inter-Rail. Europe is great for both long and short term travels. Furthermore, an advantage is that you can easily find cheap budget travel tickets. There are various low cost airlines such as EasyJet or Ryan Air with destinations all over the European Union. Hostels and hotels are very easy to book and find. Just hop on the Eurostar to visit Great Britain! Planning a trip doesn’t always take that much time and organization – depending on whether you like being spontaneous or not! Discovering different cultures comes with travelling. Since all of these different countries are just outside the door, you get to experience so many different cultures in so little time. Each country has their unique culture that is tied to their way of living. Europe is so diverse when it comes to culture, history, languages and food:

History is amazing. Because of how ancient most European cities are, the architecture and monuments are beautiful. You can find various famous landmarks all over the continent. Getting to see these places is quite special as a lot of big historical events have taken place in Europe. Another aspect of European culture is the food and beverages. Most European countries have their own traditional meals that are world-widely known. Europe is known to have good wine, champagne and bread. It could be quite interesting to taste the food from where it originally comes from and see how the world has adapted to those foods. Languages is an interesting part of Europe. English is widely spoken all over Europe, but since there are so many different countries, there are also so many different languages. Some of the most beautiful languages are spoken in Europe. It could be interesting to try and learn another language – or at least learn the basics. The European Union is a great place to live. What is great with travelling in Europe is that most of the countries have the same currency – The Euro. This makes moving around very practical and easy. Usually going to different countries with different currencies can be challenging. You won’t have to exchange currency all the time nor will you have the problem of trying to figure money out.

Europe is a perfect destination if you love to travel and are willing discover so many different aspects of how Europeans live. Convinced yet? Do you feel like this could be your perfect destination? Get in touch with Stage-Euro and see your dream travel come true!