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Webinar: Professional Preparation May 14, 2020

6 mei 2020

Name of the webinar: Professional Preparation for International Careers Open Webinar: Tips and tricks to prepare for an internship abroadDate: Thursday, May 14, 2020Time: 14:00 – 15:15 CEST (Local time Amsterdam, The Netherlands)Cost: FREEDescription: Stage USA will once again provide a FREE webinar for young professionals aspiring for an international experience. Are you interested in embarking in a professional experience abroad, but you’re not sure where to begin? Let Stage-Global guide you through the basics of finding a professional internship or traineeship in countries such as The United States, Australia, Europe, and Mauritius.  During this FREE webinar, we will cover topics that will help you prepare your profile for a professional adventure abroad. We will discuss the advantages of pursuing an international opportunity, best interview practices and share important tips to prepare your CV and motivation letter to create an excellent first impression. Register today using the link: We look forward to helping you achieve the experience of a lifetime! Lees verder >

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Stage-Global Office closed December 25, 2019 - January 1, 2020

24 december 2019

We will be closed for the holiday season from Wednesday, December 25th until Wednesday, January 1st. We will resume regular business hours on Thursday, January 2nd.   Lees verder >

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We are moving! - December 9, 2019

6 december 2019

The Stage-Global office in Amsterdam is moving to another office in the heart of Amsterdam. From Monday December 9, 2019 on we will be located at the new address: Keizersgracht 1271015 CJ AmsterdamThe Netherlands For questions, please email     Lees verder >

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Stage-Global Voorlichtingen in Oktober & November 2019 - Bezoek ons!

4 oktober 2019

Stage-Global bezoekt de komende maanden weer verschillende scholen en beurzen! Bespreek jouw mogelijkheden voor een stage, traineeship of Au Pair programma met 1 van onze medewerkers. Bezoek onze stand of presentatie op een van de volgende locaties: Lees verder >

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Welcome Abigail!

4 oktober 2019

We are happy to introduce to you our new Region Coordinator colleague Abigail Angay! Lees verder >

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Welcome Rick!

25 juni 2019

We are happy to introduce to you our new Program Support colleague Rick Gitzels! Lees verder >

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Amsterdam Office Closed May 30th - 31st

30 mei 2019

On May 30th and 31st, our Amsterdam office will be closed in observance of Ascension Day. We'll be back for you on Monday June 3rd.   Lees verder >

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Welcome Dora!

3 april 2019

We are happy to welcome Dora Zavoianu to our team as Program Coordinator! Lees verder >

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Welcome Rachel!

1 november 2018

A warm welcome to our new Junior Program Manager Rachel! Lees verder >

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10 cool facts about the UK capital, London!

22 augustus 2018

Lees verder >

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Welcome Loukia!

2 juli 2018

Stage-Global welcomes Loukia to the team! Lees verder >

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Amsterdam Office Closed May 10th-11th

9 mei 2018

On May 10th and 11th, our Amsterdam office will be closed in observance of Ascension Day. We'll be back for you on Monday 14th!  Lees verder >

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Welcome Marloes!

11 april 2018

Stage-Global welcomes Marloes to the team! Lees verder >

Happy Easter!

30 maart 2018

Spring is coming closer, which means that the days grow warmer and the evenings longer! It is almost time to put away those gloves and winter jackets and enjoy the flourishing nature. Whether you celebrate Easter or not, enjoy some sweets, time off of work and school, and above all, some time with your families and friends. The Stage-Global team wishes everybody Easter holidays filled with cheer, peace, and relaxation. Lees verder >

New office Stage-Global Amsterdam

13 november 2017

We are excited to announce the new location of our new office in Amsterdam. Stage-Global has moved its headquarters to the Golden Age canal ring, at the Herengracht 499 in Amsterdam.  Lees verder >

School's Out For Summer

27 juli 2017

What will you do with your newly found free time? Lees verder >

Welcome Mandy!

13 december 2016

We would like to introduce a new member of our team! Please welcome Mandy!  We have asked Mandy a few questions to get to know her even better!  So tell us, WHO is Mandy?I'm 25 years old, I love to make music, travelling, visiting concerts and festivals, binge-watching my favourite TV shows and I'm especially fond of cats. I love to explore nature - tall mountains, deep fjords, long hikes. I'm very interested in different cultures and languages, especially American and French. As part of my International Leisure Management studies, I've completed a marketing major in the US (St. Louis to be precise), which sparked my interest for the country.What have you seen of the world so far and which country is on top of your bucket list?When it comes to travelling, you could say that I'm a late bloomer. My first flight wasn't until I was 20! I went to Canada, by myself, and I loved it. After that, I decided to fit in as much 'adventure time' as possible, which brought me to the US, Australia, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, France and a few more European countries. At this point, my bucket list is still pretty long, but Iceland (northern lights!), South Africa, Japan and New Zealand are definitely up high. But my number one priority would be to go back to the US and Canada.What has been your most remarkable experience in the USI've absolutely loved my time there and made some friends who I still see on a regular basis. It's really hard to pinpoint one particular experience, but I remember when my new-found friends and I went to New York for our fall break. The first time we went to Times Square, on a Saturday night, it was breathtaking.There's so much hustle and bustle going on, the pictures I had seen didn't do it justice. It's something everyone has to experience at least once in their lives.     Lees verder >

Welcome Evelyn!

7 december 2016

Great news! We have a new team member!  We would like to introduce Evelyn! She has joined our placement management team and she is really looking forward to getting started. We decided to ask Evelyn some questions: So tell us, WHO is Evelyn?I am a 25-year-old girl born and raised in Groningen and currently living in Amsterdam. My two greatest passions in life are sports and travelling. My interest in people and the world around me may be triggered by the Croatian blood running through my veins since my grandmother is Croatian. My passion for sports started when I was a young girl and since then I have been involved in many different sports such as gymnastics, horseback riding, soccer, tennis, snowboarding, mountain biking, footvolley and hopefully many more to come! What have you seen of the world so far and which country is on top of your bucket list?I have visited most countries in Europe, but of course, there are still lots of great places to be discovered! After my high school graduation, I travelled with a camper van through Australia and New-Zealand with one of my friends and we had the time of our lives! We drove through amazing scenery and met people from all over the world. Outside of Europe, I've also been to Iceland and America. There are so many countries left for me to discover, but for now on the top of my bucket list are, India, Argentina, and Indonesia. What has been your most remarkable experience in the USA?Actually, I have had multiple remarkable experiences in the USA. One of them was standing on top of the Rockefeller Center with a breathtaking view over New York! We started looking out at the city in the afternoon and stayed to watch the sunset. The view over the big apple changed so many times that it didn't even feel real. I also loved the rooftop farmland which I visited in Brooklyn. This location is used for educational programs to help children learn them that vegetables are not manufactured in a factory but actually grown on farmland. Overall, I just loved the enthusiasm of the Americans!    Lees verder >

Stage-Global Swim for ALS

13 oktober 2016

Stage-Global raised more than our goal of €1600 for the ASL foundation! Lees verder >

Welcome Rebecca!

6 oktober 2016

Rebecca has recently joined our a team here in Amsterdam as our new Program Manager. We are excited to have her on the team and we decided to ask her a few questions: Lees verder >

5 of the best free cultural things to do in Berlin

2 augustus 2016

  Berlin is the capital of Germany. Situated in the Northeast on the banks of the rivers Spree and Havel, it is the 7thmost populous urban areas in the European Union. The city has a maritime temperate climate, meaning that there are large temperature differences between seasons where summers are warm and humid and winters tend to be cold and frosty. It is also a world city of culture, politics, media and science. There are many things to do socially and culturally. Here are some of the best things to do in Berlin for free: Lees verder >

5 simple and relaxing day trips from Lisbon

12 juli 2016

Lisbon is Portugal’s Capital and largest city built on seven hills. It is situated on the Atlantic Coast at the mouth of the Tagus River. It is also known to be the westernmost capital of a mainland country in Europe. Concerning climate, Lisbon has mild winters and very hot Mediterranean summers with a year round average temperature of about 21 degrees. Lees verder >

Welcome Sinead!

6 juli 2016

Sinead recently joined our a team here in Amsterdam as our Placement support.We are excited to have her and decided to ask her a few questions: Lees verder >

Welcome Sinead!

6 juli 2016

Sinead recently joined our a team here in Amsterdam as our Placement support.We are excited to have her and decided to ask her a few questions: Lees verder >

Best Traveling Apps to Have

8 juni 2016

    Are you a digitally savvy traveler? No need for all of those paper maps and books that take up a lot of space – right? Even if they are always good to have and are very interesting, apps are always very useful to have – you can have anything you need right in your pocket ! Smartphones have totally changed the game. Lees verder >

Why Europe is a good place to intern

20 mei 2016

Not sure whether or not to move to Europe?  Here are some good reasons why Europe is a perfect destination. The first reason why Europe is a great place to travel to or move to, is that it is such a small continent. Unlike most places, you can be in a different country within a few hours! Living in Europe means that a variety of different countries are at your doorstep. You have so many travel opportunities and since it doesn’t take that long to travel, you don’t need several weeks to go see different countries – you can fly to a new country and back in one week.    Lees verder >

Welcome, Lo-An!

11 mei 2016

Lo-An recently joined our a team here in Amsterdam as an intern and will be spending the next 3 months with us. We are excited to have her and decided to ask her a few questions:  Lees verder >

Welkom Sepp!

18 januari 2016

Graag willen we jullie voorstellen aan de nieuwe superstar van Stage-Global: Sepp! Hij zal verantwoordelijk zijn voor het vinden van stages en traineeships in Amerika. Na zijn stage in Miami, en zijn afstudeerstage bij Stage-Global een paar jaar geleden, hebben we hem weer met open armen ontvangen. Kunnen jullie ook niet wachten om hem te leren kennen? Hier een kijkje in het leven van Sepp. ‘The World Is Yours’You only have to take it Lees verder >

Guy Fawkes Night 2015

22 oktober 2015

The 5th November is the annual date for Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Bonfire Night.  If you're in the U.K at that time and would like to experience a tradition that has been around for a few hundres years, you should definitely consider joining one of the many events that will take place actoss the country characterised by huge bonfires or amazing firework displays, especially in the major cities.  Why is it celebrated?In the U.K, Bonfire night is associated with the tradition of celebrating the fact that Guy Fawkes’ gunpowder plot to blow up King James I and the Houses of Parliament due to the fact that he was not tolerant towards Catholics, which he proved in his actions of ordering all catholic priests to leave the country.  His actions failed when he was caught just before lighting the fuse of the 36 barrels of gunpowder that he managed to get into the cellar of the House of Lords.  Fawkes and his partners were arrested and eventually sentenced to death in the Tower of London, whilst King James ordered the people of England to celebrate his survival in the night of the 5th of November, which is still celebrated today.  Where you should go  This all depends on your taste. There are community bonfires with traditional food such as toffee apples, treacle toffee and parkin but there are also great firework displays and after parties in major cities.  Tips for London: Click here Tips for Edinburgh: Click hereTips for other great events around the U.K on bonfire night: Click here           Lees verder >

Andries Bonneur van Stage-Global, Finalist EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015

19 juni 2015

De finalisten voor de prestigieuze titel EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015 zijn bekend. Dit jaar presenteerden 26 ondernemers zichzelf en hun onderneming op de jurydag met een elevator pitch en een persoonlijk gesprek aan een onafhankelijk jury. De finalisten zijn ondernemers met een kenmerkend doorzettingsvermogen, ze zijn de drijvende kracht achter de onderneming, anticiperen op de wereld die snel verandert, zien en pakken kansen, en hebben het bewezen vermogen door te zetten waar anderen twijfelen of opgeven. Andries Bonneur van Stage-Global is Finalist voor de EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015 Informatie: Lees verder >

Erasmus+ scholarship

11 december 2014

Erasmus+ is the new EU programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport and runs from 2014 to 2020. Among other things, Erasmus+ aims to promote international student mobility by offering scholarships for study and traineeships. Lees verder >

De BuitenlandBeurs

18 november 2014

Heb je altijd al gedroomd van een stage of studie in het buitenland? Dan is de Buitenlandbeurs abosluut iets voor jou! De Buitenlandbeurs is de grootste beurs op het gebied van studeren, stage en een taal leren in het buitenland.  Lees verder >

Stage in het buitenland? Neem een kijkje op WilWeg!

8 juli 2014

Stage lopen in het buitenland staat niet alleen goed op je cv, het is ook een handige én leuke manier om een nieuwe taal of cultuur te leren kennen!  Lees verder >

Great New Positions Are Adding Up

28 mei 2014

Stage-Euro is online now for exactly one week and we are extremely thrilled! Of course we already had a wide range of internship- and traineeship positions available but we are happy to announce that several new positions are adding up to our list.  Lees verder >

Stage-Euro online!

21 mei 2014

It’s official: Stage-Euro is online! We have been working hard on our new website and are super excited and proud of the results. Lees verder >