Thomas O in London

Without Stage-euro, finding an internship like this would have been a great challenge. My Stage-Euro contact
person was a true help in the process. She listened to my requirements, and knew how to deal with them. Overall
Stage-Euro was a joy to work with!

Score 5/5

Marketing and Sales internship

I’m a Commercial Economics student, and I was looking for an abroad internship in marketing and sales. Stage-Euro found an amazing internship for me at a great company in London! Unlike providing me with a random internship, Stage-Euro put effort into finding that perfect fit. Communication between parties was well organised and transparent; I knew what was expected of me. Do’s and don'ts, and training for a good Skype conversation were particularly useful. At my internship I have social media related tasks, combined with handling enquiries that come in. Besides this I got a marketing assignment from the director, in conclusion; all I could hope for Lees verder >

Sabrina in Paris

In general, I am satisfied with my internship. This is a great experience!

Score 4/5

Tourism Internship

I am a Tourism & Leisure Management student and I am mainly responsible for administration and assisting the management. I also do some marketing and accounting duties. I really like to work at a Back Office so this is what I mainly focus on.  Lees verder >

Mark in Munich

Happy with my internship! 

Score 4/5

Electrical Engineering Internship

What I like about my internship is that they show me everything and give me responsibility. In the beginning they did not give me a lot of bigger tasks, but after I discussed this with my supervisor it became better. Sometimes with an internship you only get to work on small tasks which I do not like but now I am allowed to contribute with bigger projects. This gives me a great chance to see how it works within a big organization. Lees verder >

Maartje in Barcelona

Ik ben superblij dat ik heb besloten deze stap te zetten! 

Score 5/5

Marketing & Communications Internship

Ik zit nu in het tweede jaar van mijn studie en het is dan verplicht om stage te lopen. Ik heb ervoor gekozen dit in het buitenland te doen. Spanje vond ik altijd al een leuk land dus vandaar mijn keuze. In het begin moest ik wel erg wennen, maar iedereen in het bedrijf is heel aardig en spreekt goed Engels naast Spaans. Ik kon voor deze stage niet goed beslissen of ik Marketing of Communicatie leuker vond, en omdat ik nu veel verschillende marketing- en communicatie taken uitvoer merk ik beter waar mijn interesses liggen. Lees verder >

Susan in Antwerp

I have to say that overall I am satisfied with Stage-Euro. They communicate really well which I believe is important when you start up a proces for an internship abroad. 

Score 4/5

Hospitality Internship

Although I like my internship very much, I would prefer to gain more responsibilities and challenging tasks, but I hope it will come in the next month, when I am (according to my training plan) supposed to take over the Front Desk and Back Office assistant tasks so I will get to work closer with customers and travel agencies as well.  Lees verder >

Igor in Amsterdam

I got the opportunity of a lifetime to do an internship abroad thanks to Stage-Euro. I would recommend it to anyone, since it can be so difficult to find an internship abroad by yourself. 

Score 4/5

IT Internship

I am an Information Technology student who wanted to combine my studies with an experience abroad. I always wanted to live in Amsterdam, so this internship is a great opportunity for me. What I like most about the internship is that I am really able to actually contribute within the company: developing creative solutions for a variety of software problems while expanding my knowledge.  Lees verder >

Alexander in Barcelona

I completed a company training which was very useful and liked that I did not just get to sit back and listen, but also participate actively in it.

Score 3/5

Web Development Internship

I am very happy with how things are going so far. The people at my internship organization are very nice and have been very welcoming. As a result, I feel very comfortable in the workspace. Lees verder >

Sophie in Paris

I really like it here.  Although I had some problems with the language in the beginning, it starts feeling more like home every day.

Score 4/5

Graphic Design

Paris is a wonderful city and my supervisor at the company is a good person to learn from.  I already had some experience with graphic design because of school projects but working at a company is so different than doing assignments for school: I learn so much more in 'real' life. Lees verder >

Tom in Brussels

I am satisfied with the service of Stage-Euro. I have a variety of responsibilities which I hoped for, and I believe Brussels is the best city for an International Business student. 

Score 4/5

International Business Internship

At this moment I am 12 weeks into my internship and I'm happy with the company and the colleagues I have. I have to work hard of course, but I really notice I am improving my skills. Lees verder >

Margot in Berlin

I can honestly say that this experience abroad is one of the best experiences of my life so far! I don't think I could have realized this without the help of Stage-Euro, because it can be so difficult to find a company abroad yourself! 

Score 4/5

Marketing Internship

I am happy that I got the chance to do my internship in Berlin. I've always liked to explore new cultures and to develop myself and working skills. This opportunity definitely contributed to that. My colleagues where nice and I got a lot of responsibilities. Lees verder >


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